Packaging and shipping

Packaging and shipping

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DHL Transporter (picture: Ciel Cheng,

Original packaging

Please take care your device is packed as well as possible. It is best in it's original packaging and then packed into another parcel. This ensures that your device does not get damaged, even if it gets dropped.

Flight cases

If you’re using a flightcase make sure that the flight case matches perfectly to your device. If the device is loose inside the flight case then shipping within a flight case doesn't make sense. If the case get´s dipped or dropped your device will get damaged.

Shipping without original package

If you don't have any original package of your device, please make sure there is enough filling material inside your parcel. So that your device is packed tight and not loose inside.


Please check if there are any insurance available for your parcel. This protects you if your parcel gets lost.

When sending packages, please provide a short error report and your full contact details.